Howard Stern - is the King of all Media!

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Stern means STAR in both German and Yiddish. Personalities in radio and television come and go and rarely is there anyone as innovative and daring as Howard Stern the self proclaimed "King of all Media".

I have been a loyal listener of Howard Stern and his sidekick Robin since his days at NBC in New York. I can honesty say none has ever entertained me as much as Howard Stern and Robin Quivers has and listening to Howard Sterns straight from the heart streams of rants and raves does wonders for me.

The more you listen, the more you have to listen!

Howard Stern

Howard Stern has taken adult entertainment to a mainstream audience and has introduced his listeners to incredible products like the test to see if your girlfriend is cheating on and web sites so you can find the hottest nudity and sex scenes in regular movies on Mr. Skins website or watch the news being broadcasted by totally nude broadcasters 24/7 On The Naked News.

In all the years of listening to Howard Stern, MR. Skin is by far one of Howard's favorite guests, and one of mine as well.

Mr. Skin has the amazing ability to remember the best and worst nude and sex scenes in very major movie Hollywood has ever produced. Ask him a stars name and he will tell you every movie she or he has stared in and exactly to the second where the best and worst nude scenes the Hollywood celebrity has appeared fully or partially nude in!

I have had the pleasure to meet Mr Skin in person and I can tell you he is one hell of a fun guy to be around and his site is a mirror of his perverted nature! The pictures below I took of Mr. Skin with Porn Star Aria Giovanni who looks absolutely stunning in person.

MR skin with Porn Star Aria Giovanni!

What makes the MR. Skin website so damn erotic and sexy? It is that you see your favorite celebrities and movie stars - some of which you have seen grow up on TV or the big screen just the way you want them - hot, naked and sexy.

Why watch a whole crappy movie when all you want is to see bush, ass and tits? Mr. Skin shows you only the parts you want to see. Name your favorite star and he has them.

In my humble opinion of being in the porn business for years...No Adult Porn site compares to the Mr. Skin website. Click Here and see why!

Howard Sterns Book Private parts was a huge hit and his movie blew everyone away. Funny, loving and just well done. Look for cameos from some big name stars and lot of the wack pack!.

Howard Sterns second book Miss America was also a best seller and Robin Quivers book is also a must for any fan of the Howard stern show!

The first adult toy I ever bought was the now infamous Pocket Rocket Personal Vibrator based upon Howard Sterns personal recommendation that's he and his wife (at the time) love to play with the Pocket Rocket Personal Vibrator sex toy.

Only Howard Stern can turn a "sinful" product into a household name!

The Original Pocket Rocket Vibrator sex toy
cheap only $24.95 and ships the same day!

The Orginal Pocket Rocket Vibrator!
Pocket Rocket.

When Howard Stern announced that he was leaving regular FM radio for satellite radio. If that was not enough of a shock, it was that Mr. Stern was not moving over the XM satellite the leader in the satellite market, he was moving he and his crew over to Sirius satellite radio the small guy on the block!

Like many others I immediately called my stockbroker when I heard the news and bought thousands of shares and then I did my research. What I found is that Howard Stern went to Sirius for a hell of a good reason: they have undoubtedly the best programming hands down.

I ran out and bought a receiver and I was blown away! What did I get? The best possible sound quality, killer programming, and the coolest radio on the block all for a very reasonable price. The best hardware I found and the most reasonable prices are below.

I can not wait until Howard Stern goes onto to satellite radio full time!

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